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Cryptid Tarot Metallic Sticker: Werewolf for Strength

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Cryptid Tarot

Cryptid Tarot is a collaborative project by multiple artists, currently offering Major Arcana. Strength features a werewolf designed by me, inkshark ❥  Check out our website to see the rest. More cards are coming!

Product Details

  • Sticker is approximately 3.38" tall and 2" wide
  • Metallic gold details have brushing to mimic the texture of metal
  • Unlike the pin, the sticker's orientation is permanent, so choose a message that's often true for you:
    UPRIGHT: The world should know i am confident, persuasive, and i have the strength to maintain compassion for others while i meet my goals
    REVERSED: I need to remind myself of the need for reinvigoration and self-care before i pursue my goals, or the animal within may become the animal without
  • Currently i can only ship to the U.S., but i'm working on fixing that

More on Strength & the symbology of the sticker:

I chose a werewolf to represent Strength because the classic Strength card depicts, among other things, a feminine figure taming a wild beast with persuasion rather than force. When drawn upright, she promises confidence, composure, and the ability to influence the chaotic with a prevailing calm; when reversed, she warns of the need to calm your inner turmoil before interacting with the world around you, because emotions you've repressed may come roaring out. I intended her to be a talisman for those of us (especially anxious introverts like me!) who need to be sure their inner strength is used to build, not to destroy. I like that people ask me about this sticker when they see her on my laptop--and it reminds me of what she means. 

Tarot is always up to interpretation, and i realize some people might view her differently, but tarot is also personal, and so is art. If this card's meaning rings true with you, then hi, my name is Cory, and we have something in common ❥

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  • A fabulous Cryptid Tarot card metallic sticker featuring a werewolf and symbolizing Strength

  • Metallic
    Brushed gold
  • Luckiness
    +5 to your D20
  • A fabulous Cryptid Tarot card metallic sticker featuring a werewolf and symbolizing Strength
  • MetallicBrushed gold
  • Luckiness+5 to your D20
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Cryptid Tarot Metallic Sticker: Werewolf for Strength

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